Psychotherapy and Counselling in Wells, Glastonbury and Somerset

I offer affordable Psychotherapy and Counselling from my Practice in central Wells Somerset which is in easy walking distance of the bus station and car parks around the city. In addition I offer further spaces in a location five minute outside of Wells Somerset. ( Please visit my new web site for the most recent information)

How I work
I offer a non judgmental confidential and supportive space to explore any issue that is of concern to you. By building a trusting and sharing alliance together it is possible to develop the confidence we need to look at difficult and painful areas of our lives and make changes. I value the uniqueness of each of our lives and will work closely with you to look at any issue that feels important including trauma, loss, abuse, self esteem, identity, stress, addiction, eating disorders, depression and relationship problems. Because of this the process will follow a unique path for each individual.

Training and Back Ground
I am a Psychotherapist in Training with a leading UKCP accredited teaching institute. I have many years of back ground experience in health education and wellbeing related settings, including working for the Counselling department of The University of the West of England.

Please Contact Me.
I would be very happy to discuss any matter that may be important in deciding whether Counselling/Psychotherapy would be a helpful step forwards.Contact me at my Psychotherapy practice in central wells by leaving a phone message or e mail and I will be in touch.

Sessions are 30.00 with some concessionary rate slots available.

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